Inner Intimacy Emotional Intelligence Workbook

“Emotions are part of our biology. Emotions are powerful, vital, highly significant forces that can threaten us, reveal problems, paralyze us, and turn us into stone. They can also lift us up, animate us, and pull us into love and ecstasy. They are the means by which we engage in and measure our engagement in life. Our emotional life begins with our mothers, and the emotional power of the Death Mother today lives in the background of our lives while our pursuit of identity dominates the foreground.”

Into the Heart of the Feminine: Facing the Death Mother Archetype to Reclaim Love, Strength, and Vitality

Inspiration for Product

Ten days of non-stop dancing under the Playa Del Carmen sun, by the beach, and on mesmerizing rooftops. We danced Zouk, soaked up the sun, sipped coconuts, and wore down cherished dance floors. Our lives became a vibrant canvas, filled with emotions, experiences, and poetry. Inspired by “Maps of Consciousness” by David R. Hawkins, I started drawing out my emotions, reflecting on them with poetry and analysis. My emotions shifted from being rulers to advisors, from tyrants to servants.

Description of Product

Emotional intelligence is the buzzword of our time, promising improved relationships and enhanced work performance. But what is it really? Emotions are forces within us, uncontrollable and powerful. We don’t need to dissect them in a laboratory; we need to embrace them like guests at our hotel.

I propose that the issue at heart is that emotions contain an unknown and uncontrollable force. They are better felt than understood. Emotions are for feeling. Information is for understanding. Emotional intelligence is a paradoxical idea that has a great intention at heart but misses the execution and thus causes confusion. I want you to feel your emotions, become intimate with them, live them, not corner them off into some library or scientific laboratory where they wait in beakers and test tubes, waiting to be understood.

My goal is to give you a map to draw yourself onto and live wonderfully—the results of which I am not particularly concerned but I hope are abundant in the most beautiful flowery sense. Take what you find, leave what you do not like and live your life! You will go from being intelligent and knowledgeable about emotions to feeling them, living with them, inhabiting them.

This is a workbook for you, a journal, an inner key. With an understanding and a conversation and a resulting connection to your emotions, feelings, inner process, you gain control of your life. Each week you will focus on a new emotion, developing some sort of routine to focus you into your center, then drawing the emotion onto your energy body. With this map and boat, you can become an excellent navigator of the emotions.

Ready to Begin?

If you’re ready to explore your emotional world, purchase our workbook now. It’s a transformative journey that countless others have embarked on. Your emotions are waiting to guide you to a more vibrant, authentic life.

Use Cases

  • Therapists of all kinds to moderate their inner experiences and reach a greaterdepth with their client
  • Creatives can use this workbook to ground their inner experiences and translate them into projects
  • Yogis… because duh
  • Psychics to gain a better understanding of their channels and clear up their transmissions
  • Psychedelic explores, because don’t forget to ground my dude
  • Dancers because this is large part for why we dance
  • Coaches to help navigate the emotional labyrinth
  • Martial artists to help find new avenues of movement and greater stability
  • Tantric practitioners because this is basically tantra
  • Massage therapists and body workers as you will get to know the psyche’s energy systems in profound ways
  • Reiki practitioners for basically the same reason
  • Meditators as a road map
  • Anyone tire of being influence by marketing’s bullshit sneaky manipulations
  • Anyone interested in the soul… so everyone?
  • People desiring epic sex

Concluding Remarks

I offer a 100% refund guarantee. If you use this for some time (60 days or so?… go by feel) and do not like it, contact me and ask for a refund and I will return your money promptly with no questions asked.