The Babel Navigating the World To Cultivate Your Fruits

Dedicated to exploring the world, helping you rise above the gibberish to make your own truth. Consulting services and language services include — request for proposals, grant writing, content writing and more. If you have a project you would like to pitch, I would love to hear it and help you make it a reality!

The store is dedicated to sourcing artisanal products, carrying tradition, attention to detail, durability, and excellent value for money.

My newsletter brings a recap of some news events, posts I have read or been inspired by, or anything that comes across my attention over the course of the weeks. It goes out every two weeks to focus on maintaining perspective in the world. I created this because I think that the internet shortens our attention spans greatly so I want to contribute to expanding perspective and allowing breathe.

A Collection of Writings

Leaping into Existenz Through Love
We, as humans, exist as social creatures. To live, we require nourishment, …
the mystery of the turning key
The key lies on the window sill. It reflects the morning sun, …