Babel Consulting Services

My name is Christopher. A philosopher, dancer, linguist, and explorer of the worlds. If my stories, psychological theories, poems, and philosophy jive with you then I may be able to help you craft your message to reach a wider, more specific, or new audience–generating more impact, bigger business opportunities, all cumulating in stronger voice and a sustainable approach.

Let’s set something in motion for your business, your project, for your product, your idea–a garden for people to enjoy sweet mangos and shady trees for well past your lifetime.

I am helping plant sustainable seeds in the Earth, focusing on businesses that help people connect with themselves, fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga, psychological, personal development, or aesthetics niches, anything that helps to develop inner awareness or connection. We can get creative with it with incense, candles, movies, music, etc.

This is a service to make more money AND bring beautiful things into the world AND make the world life giving. The sustainability comes afterwards. They are intertwined. If you want to take control of script you are writing, the seeds you are planting, have a say in the dream you are dreaming, AND want to stack bills in your bank account, then my services are for you. WhatsApp is the best way to get in touch with me but email works as well,

Consultation (free)

We schedule a twenty minute chat and see if there is a match, what you see where you are and what you would like to accomplish. The goal of the consultation is to discover whether or not I we will be able to influence each other effectively.

General Email Marketing

General email marketing services powered by a storyteller’s eye. Services include general strategy, copy, automation via Klaviyo, competitor analysis / envisioning services. We will do the basic things like envisioning your ideal client, checking to make sure your messaging is congruent, your customers are engaged, and more. Your email marketing campaign will read like a nice story, a poem, an epic throughout the world’s lifespan. We can go as high level, deep, or middle ground that your like. My job is to help stitch your vision into the real world via the words.

Preference given to clients in the fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga, psychological, or personal development niches, anything that helps to develop inner sustainability.

Philosophical Cross Hairs Weaving, Consulting Service

request for proposals, translation, copywriting, grant writing, resume writing, etc.

Using a self-created and elaborated philosophical system, I will fill in various aspects of your project, business, paper, and ideas against a central element and identify elements of lack or excess. I will create a beautiful mandala that will serve as the psychic center to give a transcendental way of relating. This will be a faster highway of communication than a mission statement because words are much slower than symbols in communicating psychic content.

We will treat your business as a separate psychic entity. This will serve as a symbolic life force for you and your company while we animate its being so that you can relate to it outside yourself like you do every human being. With years of study of Jungian Psychology, we will help complete the orientation of wholeness towards a center outside an egoic structure. This will provide a much vaster well of information to channel through your business.

Inspired by Jungian Psychology, Buddhist/Taoist, and Toltec philosophical systems, this process aims to better align your vision and venture with the natural world. This service will look at from a larger perspective to identify issues and areas for improvement.

I will help weave a beautiful psychic quilt for you breaking the various channels of the mandala into whatever best suits your work (Earth, Water, etc, geometry, Buddhist topics, or whatever else jives with you). We will use these cross hairs to aim the various metrics that will keep your business water and producing excellent fruit. Using these cross-hairs we will look for a lighthouse and build a strategic road map for creating, eliminating in-efficiencies, and arriving to your goal. Together, we will be creating value for you and the world.

These services include marketing mapping, excel spreadsheet creation, product proposal writing, copy, content creation, etc. We will use various strategies to map your vision, writing it, tie it to data, and launch with the same spark that sent humans into the fire age. This is a full consulting service so prices and timeline and everything will be discussed and agreed upon according to the necessities and requirements inherent in the idea.

Preference given to clients in the fitness, nutrition, meditation, yoga, psychological, or personal development niches, anything that helps to develop inner sustainability.


Contact me with the area you would like to discuss and a time so we may begin the conversation.