I’m busking on the doorsteps of the internet

Walking the streets of Oaxaca

eating tamales of mole and chicken

Careening down the mountains of Colorado

and dancing till the midnights dawn

Basking in the day to day

Hollering out what I need to say

Provided for by the sun and the Earth and a million other stars

I’m here to share with you my rhythm

To help you find yours

To land us upon Mars and explore out into the stars

Gifted by the vastness of what, could be

When you let go of your idea of you

Or me

I want some other captains to explore with me

Out into the mighty sea!

My name is Chris. I was born in Boulder, Colorado and I have something to say! I created this website to discuss ideas in hopes of producing some transformation, for myself, for you, for the world, for the seagull flying high about the golden gate bridge. Is the transformation for better or for worse, I am not much concerned. I think the idea of “better or worse” can be difficult to define as the levels of meaning intertangle quickly. Instead I produce a process through which we “feel” the better; in an effort to not exert my control over the concept, I want to leave it ambiguous, somatic, ethereal.

Philosophically, I am a fan of thriving life, that which is joyful, challenged, present, aware, alive, in tension, challenged! That means life is an active process, a grabbing the side of the horse with your thighs! Please join me as I journey through the world, adding language and ideas and imagery and art to the human canon so that we may expand consciousness and dive further and further into the experience of the human, into not out of, into.

I also add an account of psychic theory and psychic development, offer meditations, and other ideas as they arise. In addition, I will explore an understanding of psychology from an instinctual/body standpoint, backed by an integrating and mindful force. In addition, you will find some stories and some poems. Topics range from anything to everything, found in content from stories, poetry, music, podcast, philosophy, and (hopefully) more. Finally, I will include a store that provides a place for producers as I attempt to influence capitalistic production to sustainable means. .

I am open; please review my work with questions, criticisms, suggestions, praise, etc. My goal is to produce content that inspires, introduces new ways of thinking, challenges thinking itself, provides practice for entering and understanding the body, and more. I want to improve as rapidly as possible as time is of incredible value. Since it is so very difficult to claim anything with absolute certainty, I prefer to spend more time on the process and the journey than to discover and state any a prior truth or something of the like. I occasionally do, however, make some statements since that is something we have to do every once and while for practical purposes. If you participate in the discussion, please approach with an open mind, asking questions, attempting to unveil commonalities and coincidences. How often are we just around the street corner of the same idea, looking at it with different perspectives, unaware that we are communicating the same idea? I think almost all the freaking time. Our inability to grasp another’s perspective comes from our kinks in our necks and shoulders.

Finally, I want to address the topic of money. I choose to provide my writings on this website without advertisements and without directly charging for them (though if you would like to stay on top of the developments, I recommend subscribing to my newsletter)! I do like and need money so I ask viewers to pay what they think this is worth, however you deem things valuable. If ideas, feelings, rhythms shift you, inspire you, disgusts you, introduces new thoughts, etc. etc., I want your contribution to reflect that. I have an essay about this here if the idea is intriguing and you want to learn more.