The Perspective Packet

“Mastery puts harness to energy; mastery puts value to energy, say the knowledge holders.”

-African Tree of Life

Welcome to the Bunch of Babel sponsored newsletter, the “Perspective Packet.”

What Inspired the Perspective Packet?

I like keeping a finger on the pulse of many worlds. I like art, I like linguistics, I like controversial ideas, somatics, toltec art, myth, I like it when the inner world matches the outer world, good aesthetics, I like music, I like dancing, I like living in other cultures, most of all… I like feelings, affect the thing that puts on here on this Earth. Essentially, I am an ethereal stitcher, creating a tapestry of various practices and perspectives to share soul food

What do I want to Include?

I want to investigate into the work of Wilhelm Reich and understand better about what stopped the 80s cultural renaissance in the United States, learn about Eros and Psyche and provide tips on integrating these life giving energies into our routines, and better understand how to reorient the focus of our psyche towards the Earth. We are going into breathwork, yoga, gratitude practices, and alchemy to understand how to play a better role in our time on this planet. Languages modify consciousness by changing the very vibration as you interact in the world.

What will you get in this newsletter? Poems, meditations, energy practices, stories, music, art, and other things that nourish a soulful expression. There is not other newsletter like it, guaranteed.

meditation, yoga, transpersonal psychology, art, news, cryptocurrency, myths, breathwork practices, intimacy tips, alternative ways of looking at the world, etc… sometimes, philosophy, stories, poems, linguistics, etc. This is where Rumi meets the “modern” world!

For $10 a month,

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I will deliver content that help you to build an intimate connection with you.

Call it religion, re-alignment, call it spiritual practice,

I am just dancing in it so join me if you’d like!

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With a more interconnected future, I am aiming for congruency first, good and progress and more, later. I foresee a necessity to re-learn how to align ourselves with ourselves. Well, actually it has been the challenge we have faced as humans since the dawn of time.

An infinite amount of world events deserves our attention–wars, to homeless epidemics, birthday parties, stock market crashes, kittens rescued from trees, fatal destinies, and more. Some events strike harder than others; some things are also never reported. Whatever play the world presents, it requires a celebration of its beauty. So, what is considered an important event? Follow along to see what I find while training my attention so that you can learn to train yours as well.

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