The Noose of Freedom

You say you are free

Howled from the top of the rooftops

“Land of the Free”

You keep saying to me

Yet this is something

So peculiar to me

For when I look about

I see no other than

A kid-friendly merry-go-bout

And I see tree and I see shrubs

Anchored in the ground sipping their like

And I see a big blue sky too

Stretching across the world 

Like a blanket stitched for cuddling

This word, this concept

So confusing and farse

Its storms suffocate my torch

The robotic followers drowning in the marsh

A concept let be

Means nothing to me

Like some rose colored

Or blue tint glasses

I can remove them whenever

Are you free, to beat your heart?

Are you free to contract your muscles?

Are you free to process signals through your optic nerve?

Are you free to choose this peanut butter over that?

Or when you choose that over this?

And free for what?

To choose a Mercedes or a Ford?

A corona or a Budweiser?

To cover your mouth with a mask?

The freedom you speak,

Is a selfish delusion

Me, me, me, me, me

That is all you will ever be

Traversing the great lands of me

From sea to shiny sea

Pumped full of Bernysees’ 

Beautiful Propaganda you see

That tells me a clear picture me

What an incredible feat

To have that chair or wear that mask

Pick that blouse to show my most inner mouse

Prancing around the house

Financed on African meat

“But I chose that!”

You’ll say till blue in the face

Or expressing your right

To shoot me instead of mace

Freedom exists, it certainly dose

But not to choose a hot dog 

or a bratwurst

But rather to submit

To the great cosmic buzz

Anything else, my dear friend

Is nothing but a delusion

Chasing a you or you

All the way to the Earth’s 

Illustrious end

But the Earth has no End!

Round and round and round

You’ll go

Endlessly feigned by the sea

A sorry sailor you will be

Thinking you’re free while needing

To eat, sleep, shit, and fuck

Trapped you’ll ever be

Woven into the fabric of Mother Earth.

If I were free, 

I could be here and there and wherever fair

Without a consequence with whom

I had to meet, great

And pass on the street. 

An unfortunate trap on from which you’ll hang

The noose of freedom

Lungs clogged by the debutant’s smokes

Unable to speak against the sirens

Howling and howling

The American will forever be

Unable to concede to woes

Awaken by those whom 

Walk around with stick of gold

My words, I hope

Fall not on deaf ears

To loosen the noose, breathe

And you will see what is “be”

And something will find itself free

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