What Kind of Animal Are You?

For a day, let your world consume you

Let your anger burst forth like a volcano erupting through the Earth’s crust
Let your sorrow scatter the crows of the nearest graveyard
Let your tears worsen the rising sea level crisis
Let your laughter fill the balloons at three hundred children’s birthday parties
Let your envy envelope you into a road-raged New Yorker
Let your compassion travel you back in time to remove Jesus Christ from the cross
Let your passion turn you into the most efficient undresser of the opposite sex that the guiness book of world records knocks down your door,
forcing you to sign your name across their pages
And jet your joy shine bright then the sun

Then, when you wake up tomorrow,
tell me my friend

How different does the world appear?
Who are you?

And take off down your new path
Because now, you can never look back

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