Some Thoughts on a Friday Morning in Mexico City

How beautiful is this world? Sunsets especially! My body hurts. I have some habits I do not love. I eat too much when I should breathe. I walk when I want to stay. I live my life according to how it would look in a movie. You can make an aesthetic out of everything that way.

I drink when I should write. I say please when I should say thank you. I withdraw money when I should deposit.

I dress well, walk and speak with grace. I crack hilarious jokes and have a world saving philosophy. Youth is on my side, so seems to be much of the world. My full heart opens more doors than I could walk through; I dance well; I am an adventurous and attentive lover; I know my way around the spice cabinet, and some languages as well.

I hate crappy pens, think honesty is the only sensible way to live, and am a bit jealous of women’s unlimited orgasm capacity and deeply saddened that many do not know about it.

“Drops if Jupiter” is one of my favorite songs, I bump my head on the little air conditioning outlet and accidentally expand the little child’s vocabulary that sits just a row behind. I think Donald Trump is a narcissist, Biden an idiot, and a majority of the American population inexcusably naive for still drinking Uncle Bernay’s cool aid.

COVID seems really silly. Marijuana is a gift from glorious mother nature, magic mushrooms from the aliens, and hashish from the gods. We should definitely be teaching yoga in our general curriculum; I would like to see us properly initiate boys into men and think it would be great to have outdoor theatres and parks scattered throughout our cities.

Cacao and coffee create a delicious concoction, the Stock Market probably needs much more regulation; I think it’s pretty cool that we landed on the moon but it is probably much more worthwhile to focus on the Earth for a little bit–flowers are beautiful.

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